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Sir Christopher Meyer to give keynote speech at the FP Show

The 2017 FP Show, which is being held at Olympia in London on the 8th November, will be opened by Sir Christopher Meyer, who will give the keynote speech.


Sir Christopher Meyer was the UK’s longest serving Ambassador to the United States since the Second World War and was in Washington for five and a half years. His term coincided with 9/11, the wars in Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan, as well as the preparation for war in Iraq. After leaving the diplomatic service, he chaired the Press Complaints Commission for six years until March 2009.


The afternoon debate ‘The Politics of Finance’, will see Philip Coggan, columnist at The Economist, discuss how current and future parliamentary activity is shaping our financial sector’s outlook. 


The full seminar programme – which consists of seven sessions in total - is due for release in the next few weeks. Attendees will have the opportunity to register for the individual seminars ahead of time to ensure they secure their place.


Rachel Fellows of R&R Events, the organiser of the FP Show said, “The seminar programme will be the most ambitious we have ever undertaken and we guarantee that broker visitors are in for a stimulating and thought provoking day of debate, panel and roundtable sessions but with the emphasis on being able to fully participate and put questions to our guest panellists.


Sir Christopher Meyer’s career has seen many significant historical landmarks and I am sure we will benefit from his unique insights into the geopolitical landscape and how it bears on our future. At a time when there has been so much political interest in the financial markets, Larry Elliot of The Guardian and Philip Coggan of The Economist will lead a debate which will provide us with an opportunity to hear from two of the most respected financial journalists in the UK today.


Along with over 100 businesses covering the full range of specialist lending, visitors will find something of interest in every part of the Show.”


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