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Finance Professional Show 2014 Conference Programme announced

With 22 days to go, the Finance Professional Show is proud to reveal its Conference Programme for 2014.

The FP Show – being held on November 5th at Olympia Central - has managed to secure leading personalities within various finance sectors to debate the burning issues affecting today’s intermediaries and providers. The seminar sessions have been designed to add value to each and every visitor’s experience, especially those who are interested in staying ahead of the curve and hearing from the market’s most influential individuals, companies and organisations.

The seminar sessions are as follows:

12.30pm – The future of the Alternative Funding Market

It is recognised that the High Street banks cannot provide SMEs with all the funding that is required now to stimulate growth in the UK economy. So, we have to ask ourselves, is it time to stop using the word “Alternative” for the emerging number of funders that have appeared in the SME lending space? Additionally, can these firms offer businesses a real, long-term, sustainable solution to traditional lenders? What more can, and should, be done by Westminster to promote the availability and access to this huge group of funders with money to lend? As a consequence of this unique growth in numbers of lenders - the NACFB now has 120 - is the right kind of regulation being considered to ensure UK SMEs are protected?

1.30pm – Regulation in the Commercial Lending Market with FCA guest Martin Goulden

After nearly 24 months of planning, lobbying, consulting and implementation of FCA regulation for the Consumer Credit Act, this seminar aims to explore whether too many unanswered questions for commercial finance brokers caught up in this regulation still remain, and indeed, should they have been brought into the scope of this Act in the first place? Other topics to be discussed include: - Should all professionals arranging finance for businesses hold permissions from the Financial Conduct Authority? - Is enough being done to help those caught by regulation for the first time through this process? - What does the future landscape look like for those brokers who specialise only in Commercial Finance, not only under the CCA rules, but with regulation as a whole?

2.30pm – The future for Commercial Finance Brokers

Commercial finance brokers have long had the support from industry body the NACFB, established in 1992 to provide a Code of Practice for its members. Now, as the market works through the early stages of FCA regulation, this seminar questions: what is next for the commercial finance broker? Is this sector’s future soon to follow the IFA space and see a reduction in numbers due to legislative changes? What can be done by the lenders and funders to assist what is effectively their sales force? Typically, most brokers in this sector have worked as individuals, but are there any advantages to working within larger firms? Finally, as a group of brokers trading in the business funding space, what can the industry do to improve its position? To find out who will be chairing the seminar sessions, and who the panellists are, click here. The NACFB has confirmed that it will be hosting its AGM 2014 at the FP Show at 11am. The FP Show recently announced that is has sold out in terms of exhibitors with over 90 providers present on the day. Financial professionals from all backgrounds are encouraged to attend the one-day event that aims to provide a platform for meeting lenders and doing business. Sectors represented include: residential and commercial mortgages, specialist and bridging finance, asset and leasing finance, invoice discounting, peer-to-peer lending, equity release, business services, buy-to-let and secured loans.

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