• Reserve your spot in the TAB X Bridging & Commercial Magazine podcast booth by emailing info@fpshow.co.uk 

Bridging loan specialist TAB is teaming up with Bridging & Commercial Magazine at the FP Show 2019 with a special edition of TAB's #defendercast, a podcast series focused on bringing fresh voices to the property conversation.

The bespoke podcast booth will be present on 6th November for exhibitors and attendees alike to have their 15 minutes of airtime. TAB founder and CEO Duncan Kreeger will be hosting the mini episodes, along with co-host and Bridging & Commercial Magazine editor-in-chief Beth Fisher. 

Sessions will be filmed and recorded live, streamed via social media and made available via several channels and mediums on the day and in the weeks following the expo. 

If you would like to know more or want to register your interest in featuring in this exclusive series, email info@fpshow.co.uk. 

“Teaming up with TAB at the FP Show will add yet another dimension to what we already offer the readers of Bridging & Commercial Magazine. Duncan understands that the growing specialist finance market doesn’t want to be informed, educated and entertained in the ways of the past, but by new and dynamic formats and platforms. As a magazine that has broken down the unnecessary boundaries of what a trade publication should look, feel and read like, we are delighted to be co-hosting TAB’s filmed #defendercast podcast at the show. We will be asking the questions the industry wants the answers to, all of which will be live streamed throughout the day and later published in our Jan/Feb issue. I can’t wait.” – Beth Fisher, editor-in-chief at Bridging & Commercial Magazine.

"I am delighted to be hooking up with Bridging & Commercial and helping to bring new and exciting ways to communicate to the mortgage market. I’ve been working with the team at B&C for almost 10 years and during that time they have always shown a willingness to grow and develop and to keep up with the times. By bringing the #defendercast podcast to the FP Show, we feel that brokers and lenders wil have the opportunity to talk about the marketplace generally and to promote themselves in any way they wish. TAB has multiple offerings in this space and we are all about building trust and transparency and are therefore very excited about this opportunity." - Duncan Kreeger, CEO and founder of TAB.